About Us

Company Overview

Air Patrol has been a commercial HVAC company since 1985 and is known for providing clients with professional advice to meet their indoor environmental needs.

With the push for cleaner and safer indoor environments, we have chosen to focus on indoor air quality, making sure occupants of commercial buildings are not only as safe and comfortable as possible but also well informed about the air they are breathing. We can monitor and report on the air quality to building owners, managers, employees or customers as desired to ensure all occupants are aware of the space’s air quality.

Our goal is to ensure every indoor commercial space is as safe and clean as possible, with a focus on:
Virus and Pathogen Mitigation
Pathogen surface Transmission
Food Spoilage and Waste
Indoor Air Monitoring

Our Mission

To provide our clients with solutions to mitigate virus and pathogen transmission, product spoilage and improve air quality for the confidence of their teams and customers.

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